P’an Ku Crane

Actually, any deck can be a cool P’an Ku deck with 3 Temple of Madness and the main man (dragon?) himself. Here’s mine.

The Exquisite Palace of the Crane

P’an Ku xp
Doji Makoto, the Shining Blade xp
Doji Hakuseki xp3
Daidoji Soken x2
Daidoji Tanshi x3
Daidoji Kinta x3
Doji Kurohime x2
Doji Dainagon x3
Kakita Amiki x3
Doji Razan x3

Temple of Madness x3
Marketplace x3
Deep Harbor x2
Yukihime’s Hot Springs x2
Kabuki Theater Troupe x3
Poorly Placed Gardens x3
Counting House x1
House of Exotic Goods x1

Hold the Walls x3
Encircled Terrain x3
Unholy Strike x3
Discretionary Valor x2
Strategic Withdrawal x3
Inexplicable Challenge x2
Advance Warning x2
My Lord’s Favor x2
Block Supply Lines x3
Treachery and Deceit x2
Entrenched Position x3
A Game of Dice

Sparrow Clan Aide x3
Blessed Sword x3
Ancestral Armor of the Crane Clan xp

Ring of the Void
Ring of Water
Ring of Air
Ring of Earth

What kind of deck is this? I wish I could tell you, but short to say that it works. You have to be really creative in using everything in this deck, but more importantly, flush out your provinces clean if you can’t buy them. Get P’an Ku and the Temples out asap and you’ll have an easy time defending your provinces while you rack up honour the old fashion way,


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