Cool mini combos

I’m bored. I’m thinking of building my new deck along these lines:

Justice of the Crane + Bounty Hunter

Come One at a Time + Fortune’s Charm focus effect

Already right off the bat I need a good base of magistrates to work with, which Crane has a good spread to choose from. Let’s list them all:

Doji Razan – cheap even when invested. 6g for a 4c duelist is seriously not bad.
Doji Etsuki – a star when he’s wearing Justice on his obi. Solid choice.
Doji Hakuseki – cool peep, but weak enough that a pig with the Nagamaki of the Fox Clan can still eat her up with Justice.
Kakita Ujirou – totally no brainer, just be smart about spending and try not to keep more than one of him in the provinces.

Notice how many of them are courtiers as well? Interesting….

I think we’re going somewhere with this. A janky deck with 10 attachments is fun to think about, but I need 30 solid cards including Rings and the customary dueling cards. Question is, which dueling cards?

Sanctioned Duel – yup!
Demonstrating Technique – if you have a good hand, this is equivalent of a cantrip that forces your opponent to help you get a focus effect going off.
Stand or Run – not too shabby, but not too exciting either.
Come One at a Time – good, but keeping one guy alive and straightened can be daunting. I guess I need some movement cards as well to cover my base.
Don’t Delay! – 50/50.

Okay, we’re off to a good start. I’ll post again when I have something more concrete (like the physical cards for example)


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