I think this is a bad deck, but I’m posting it anyway…

Crane deck:


Doji Makoto xp
Doji Hakuseki xp3
Doji Hoturi inexp
Suzume Shindo
Daigotsu Endo x3
Daidoji Soken x3
Doji Katata x2
Iuchi Wattu x1
Kakita Izumiko x3
Kakita Ujirou x3
Daidoji Gensai x2

Marketplace x3
Nexus of Lies x3
Kabuki Theater Troupe x3
Poorly Placed Gardens x2
Counting House x1
Jade Pearl Inn x1
Colonial Dojo x2
Yukihime’s Hot Springs x2
Family Library x1

Frost Dragon Festival


Wheels Within Wheels x3
Open Emotion x2
Block Supply Lines x3
Stand or Run x2
Iaijutsu Dojo x3
Sanctioned Duel x3
Demonstrating Technique x2
The Final Lesson x2
Suikihime’s Sanction x2
Come One at a Time x1
Discretionary Valor x3
Strategic Withdrawal x2
Breaking the Rhythm x3
Lesson of the Heralds x1
Inexplicable Challenge x2

Ring of Earth

Ancestral Armor of the Crane xp
Versatile Blade x2
Lantern Oil x2

Versatile Blade came close to being cut by Armor of the Mad (which might still happen). Is 4G a good dishonor shield? Don’t know. but it should still be fun to try out. But before I go there, yes, this is an honour running deck and yes, this is a dueling deck….

…unlike anything you have ever seen before. If there’s a lethal duel involved, you can bet that Endo will be the one that issued it.

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