2014 moving forward in gaming

Almost the end of January, Ivory edition is not released yet. I’m too lazy to print/proxy the kolat pdf, since it involves a whole lot printing, (ink wastage) and also the fact that… i’m still missing 2x Jade Petal Inn.

That card proves to be far more staple than i initially thought.

With a good base of 3g produce 3g, it also fetches 1g for 1g holdings that you can buy, ramping your gold and thin down your deck or just discard the fetched holding straight away, to thin down your deck anyway. There are at least two good holdings for that, such abundant farmlands, with straightens every turn (yours and opponent) to provide you moolahs on standby. Also, Deep harbour, which buys your 2g holdings for free. And yes, lion can also discard those 1g holdings in the early turns in the hope to speed up your dynasty cycling.

At this rate, i don’t think the market price going down anytime soon.

On the plus side though, it’s reprinted in Mantis starter. Which means that people will mass grab that one, in triplicates. Productive mine, another staple for 4g Strongholds, will be in Spider starter, so yes. People will go grabbing those as well. Expect some shortage of sorts for those starters. While brilliant, they really should have included one Jade petal and one productive mine for each clan starter to avoid the imbalanced demand.

Other card games don’t hold me much this time around. The much hyped over Vanguard has died down. I have completed most of what i want in the last few sets for Eradicators and Angel Feathers. So nothing much until BT13. I’m sticking my son into Liberator for now, he likes it. So it works i guess. I do need to fill in with the proper rares if i want to turn it competitive. As a teaching tool for now, it’s ok.

Buddyfight is not just as appealing aesthetically. Something is off with the drawing and they really should improve on that. While the mechanic is somewhat more sound than vanguard, the art is just…. off… so no to that.

I still don’t touch much standard mtg, mainly since i don’t feel like spending more outflow for the assorted rares and mythic. However, having completed my modern decks, i have a few smaller side project, being Standard Pauper. One of the local shop runs standard pauper on Sundays, so I’m very keen on joining that mainly due to the cheaper cost.

Now, if only FNM runs with Pauper would be great! However, I doubt they will, since Pauper is not exactly an accepted format for mtg due to wizards are trying to sell cards. Telling customer to stick with pauper is not the most profitable idea to do, so you can expect it to be ignored mainly.

I managed to get a cheap Vita deal. So I’m now focusing on finishing my Persona 4 Golden and finding people to play Dragon Crown with.


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  1. Having those chase rares in the various starter sets is such a good idea. AEG seems to make good on every chance to earn some customer goodwill :).

    • Almost. They should have made some holding staple a copy each across all starters. That would reduce the need for people to buy multiples of starter for a clan they dont play.

      Good effort, but could have been tweaked further. 🙂

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