Dueling in Ivory (for Cranes)

So we’ve all seen it. The dueling boys got more toys and everything is looking very exciting this time around. Only, dueling is not the lynchpin it once was.

The average focus value for a duel intensive deck has effectively fallen, with really good cards in the fv 2-3 area and not much to spam on 4. With Kharmic Strike making its way into an accessible uncommon slot, what does that leave us?

We duel as normal, but with considerable chi upgrades through items. Duels will also have to be of equal chi footing to negate extensive sighting of Kharmic Strike (which, incidentally, might even make it into your own dueling deck if you want to design it that way). But whatever it is, 2 personalities have the utmost advantage when it comes to dueling this time around:

Suzume Shindo

Kakita Amiki

With these 2, you can focus first. Which will be huge in the current environment. Want to get rid of a champion or a big kensai with buttloads of attachments? Issue a lethal duel with Shindo and focus that Kharmic Strike (toldya it might make it into your decks). That’s just one example. The lack of numbers of redirection, delays and negation this time around makes dueling viable and powerful again.

Of course we’ll have low FV in our decks. We can no longer aim for a 3.25++ average fv in our decks anymore, but then again, no other decks will either. We can expect a more fair fight when it comes to duels, with tying being our best bet to win. On the minus side, we’re no longer guaranteed a kill by issuing duels anymore. But on the plus side, a lot less people will groan when they face a dueling deck and will probably have more fun this time around.

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