How to make practically free army movement trays for WHFB

If you have bought a Warhammer product before, chances are they’ll be in plastic and it’ll comes in a box. Movement trays are integral to a game of Warhammer Fantasy as it speeds things up as you move your regiment over the battlefield. The only problem is procuring a set of GW army trays can get expensive to cover a 2,500 point army.

What I did was cut up the boxes in squares that I want my regiment to fill in, setting aside an extra 1 cm horizontally and 5mm vertically. Then I cut up the frames of the sprues, clean them and glue them on 3 edges of the cut out cardboard. All it needs now is some paint and a bit of flocking on the plastic edges. I use white glue to attach the plastic sprue onto the cardboard.

And there you go. It’ll take you about 5 minutes to finish one tray of any size. I used up the sprue frames and boxes from 1 Dragon Prince unit box and 1 Dragon box to do mine, and I still have half a Dragon box left over for future trays if I need them.

So is 10 quid worth 5 minutes of your time (per tray)? You decide.

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