Quartering Points (A Warhammer army guide)

Not really much of a guide, but it’s kinda what I’m basing through to plan for my current army. Normally around my parts it’s a 2.5k game. Quartering that would give me 625 points. This number is significant for this point range because it is exactly the threshold of the entire army composition in WFB (which is 25%).

For a hero-tastic(but squishy) list, you can opt for this:

25% Lord
25% Heroes
25% Core
25% Special/Rare

But I always fancy a High Elf army with lots of boots on the ground, so I’m going to turn it around slightly, like so:

25% Lord/Hero
25% Core
25% Special
25% Rare

How would quartering help? Well, for a fresh army, it would help you with your purchases if you can manage micro purchases within that quarter. For example, my Lord/Hero quarter would give me:

Prince on Moon Dragon, Dragon armour, Enchanted Shield, Crown of Altrazar & Biting Blade = 505
Level 2 Mage OR BSB Noble with barded steed, heavy armour, shield, lion cloak = 120

Instead of scratching my head to fit in double dragons in my army, only 1 would suffice to bring the entire army together in a coherent-ish fashion. Not only that, but if you bought one of each model of your faction, this method will promote mix, match and rotate your models in your lists to tailor for different configuration.

Sounds cool? Kinda. While this method does give you an avenue to save a bit of money by optimizing your expenditures in small bite size, you can go overboard and over buy stuff as well. But perhaps the best bit is that you can maintain your core throughout any of your list permutations and they’ll still come out okay. Also be warned that you might or might not be able to fit in your necessary habitual choices, like always having a mage and bsb, etc. So most of the time you will tend to cycle out your selection.

In any case, here’s what I came up with:

2,500 points, High Elf:

Prince on Star Dragon, Charmed Shield, Ironcurse Icon = 540 (survive the first couple of cannon balls and fly in close for a terrifying charge. The Prince is a ticket to get the Star Dragon into the army anyway)
Level 1 High Magic Mage = 85 (passable. he’ll be really good if he rolls a Walk Between Worlds)

Lothern Sea Guard x35, shields, full command = 450
Ellyrian Reavers x5 = 80
Ellyrian Reavers x5, spears and bows = 95

Dragon Princes of Caledor x5 = 145
Dragon Princes of Caledor x5 = 145
Swordmasters of Hoeth x15 = 195
Shadow Warriors x10 = 140

Sisters of Avelorn x10 = 140
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower x3 = 210
Great Eagle = 50
Flamespyre Phoenix = 225 (easily worth other things but it’s more fun seeing a flaming bird in the middle of the battlefield)

It’s faster to build armies this way and you won’t have too many headaches.


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