My Pathfinder character

It’s not really a good one. In fact, it’s pretty tough to play and one reckless play might have to see me let this character to go and die in the next 1 or 2 sessions if i’m not careful. In short, I’m playing Lona, a 3rd Level Human Rogue in my recent Pathfinder campaign and I’m trying to build her into a ninja-like character without taking the class, since we’re not using the advanced rules and sticking to core at the moment.

Here’s what she has:
STR 15
DEX 16
INT 11
WIS 14

That score of 5… ugh… it’s very tough to decide where to put it that is NOT Charisma or Wisdom, which is seen by many as dump stats for a Rogue. So why did I put it there? Well, I can’t give my Charisma too much of a hit because I might need to use the Bluff skill to do into Stealth immediately after in case I’m cornered. And Wisdom is just too valuable when you’re the one that’s relied upon to spot traps and detect lies.

Since not all rogues are created equal, mine in Lawful Neutral. She’s lawful in the sense that she’s obligated to finish any task she has taken up to the letter and won’t budge until that is done, which I think is a fair representation of a ninja following her lord’s orders or taking up his charge. Also another reason is to splash her into Monk later down the road and taking the Exotic Weapon: Shuriken feat upon reaching character level 5. The real question lies if she’ll go back and forth between Rogue and Monk or just follow the Monk path for a few levels before splashing back in.

But of course, she currently has Ghoul Fever after foolishly running forward to recon upcoming enemies, which was really really stupid. With a Con of 5, she’ll be alive for 2 days at worst and 5 days at best, with 3 days being the average. Her Dex is going to take a similar hit as well so I’m really curious if I can hold out before finding a Cure Disease potion before kicking the bucket. Hopefully I can.


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