How to paint Reaper Bones minis: The simple way.

The material of Reaper Bones is similar to DnD/Star Wars minis. But they’re bare softy bendy plastic. Luckily, it’s white so you really don’t have to prime it if you don’t want to.

The key to properly paint it is straight from the bottle. No water dilutions, just wet your brush appropriately. You’ll also have to clean your brush more often to avoid the paint to dry and cake your bristles. Base coat everything normally.

After your base coat dries, shade it with wash deliberately, concentrating more washes on the bottom half of the mini and concealed areas. Then highlight the skin. Finally choose a neutral color (I chose Jack Bone for my mini) and very lightly dry brush only the areas where you want the mini to have light, this is usually from the front. DON’T drybrush all over the mini, it’ll look goofy-ish.

They also take well to matt varnish afterwards. After all that is done, i tried to bend it and stuff and the paint didn’t flake at all. So yeah, pretty cool stuff. It’s also fast to paint them as well.


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