Before I forget this new list….

The best toy for a miniatures wargamer is a calculator. Tonight, I mistakenly punched some numbers and came up with something AWESOME! It’s like I suddenly punched a magic number and everything clicked. Here’s my new and updated 2500 points list for my Caledor themed army:

(General) Prince on Star Dragon, heavy armour, Enchanted Shield, Crown of Altrazar, Star Lance and The Other Trickster’s Shard = 596

(Battle Standard Bearer) Noble on barded steed, heavy armour, lion cloak, shield, Khaine’s Ring of Fury = 145

Dragon Mage of Caledor, Charmed Shield = 355

Lothern Sea Guards x35, shields, full command = 450

Ellyrian Reavers x5, bows = 85

Ellyrian Reavers x5, spears and bows = 95

Dragon Princes of Caledor x16, full command (or split 9/7, with the 9 being the BSB bunker, it depends)= 494

Sisters of Avelorn x10 = 140

Eagle Claw Repeater Bolt Throwers x2 = 140

2 angry dragons with 1 equally angry rider, range control, heavy hitters, big block of awesome, BSB that doesn’t die too easily. Yup. I guess I didn’t miss anything.


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