Wrapup for 2013

It’s close to Christmas season and year end for 2013. I’ve been heavily playing Star wars Old Republic and Pokemon Y. So table top gaming is on backburner for awhile.


1)       L5R

I will restart this again once Ivory rolls in. So that should be within month of Feb. I will still buy a box of aftermath since the stuff are just too good and seemingly staple for Ivory. So that’s one box. The recently previewed Christmas pack only seems good. But I might skip it.


2)       Weiss Schwarz

No series of note for me. Although they announced Crayon Shin Chan & Log Horizon for next year. That got my itchified. I will look at it only if the series comes in English though. Otherwise, I don’t get to play much the Japanese version.


3)       Magic the gathering

My modern deck is mostly complete. Red Deck Wins. I’m still missing Lord of Atlantis for my merfolk deck but otherwise it’s ready. Seeing that GPKL on Jan 2014 is sealed, I was not so keen buying so much of Theros. And since I don’t play EDH nowadays (Lack of time), I don’t’ keep most of the Theros cards anymore. I have a standard deck of Izzet Swarm Counterburn, but it will probably only get better with izzet duals / gods / planeswalker next set. So it’s a deck I play for fun whenever I can on FNMs but will wait for the next set to see if I can power up the deck further.


4)       Cardfight Vanguard

I have a functional Zerachiel deck, vicious on the right condition can easily get 25k Rearguard columns and 31k vanguard. I probably need to swap out some of celestial triggers and add in more stand trigger to maximise attacks and make opponent work at blocking.

BT10 releases 13th December. I have a box sharing with a few dudes, taking Narukami for my eradicators and taking Royal Paladin for Jewel Knights. It has potential, but see how it goes. No other announcement for English release until Feb 2014 which is TD, Shadow Paladin Revenger. So I think I’m safe until then for Vanguard. On the other side of it, my son is keen on getting Blaster Blade instead of the Enigman I was building for him… or he wants Daiyusha build… urghh… I still stick him with the random Dimension police for now, since he’s ok with it.


5)       Futurecard Buddyfight.

Had a demo game last week on this, but I’m not keen on a few issues.

  1. Art sucks so far. Pure dragon and giant robots just doesn’t do it for me. I’m keeping some hope on this since the set is still relatively new. More cards might be more artful
  2. You can’t assign blockers to opponents attack. Only spells/actions from hand can affect the enemy.
  3. If you touch 4 life and below during the opponent’s attack, high chance for the opponent to auto-kill. It’s an action that instantly deal you 4 damage with no blocking / interrupt possible at the moment.

Other than that, I will give it a wait and see. There’s still anime/manga support, so if anything, can probably look forward to the anime. For once, Jap and Eng release same time, so that’s always good.


Pretty much sums up the stuff I was looking at past few weeks. So the rest, like minis and such is backburner for now so we see how it goes. Back to Swtor in the mean time. Sith sith!!


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