Vanguard tourney idea, based on Warhammer campaigns.

It came to me as I was pondering this question:

How do I run an independent Vanguard tournament that doesn’t have a solid prize support? (no promos, etc)

The idea is this: the tournament will be run league style, with a giant map detailing Cray and the clans that inhabit it. during the course of play, the winning clans will have a say on which new territory they’ll be conquering. Thus the Battle for Cray league is born (or soon to be).

For now, this is the loose structure:

Attending players will contribute 1 point to their clan.

Top 3 players will contribute 1 more point.

Champion of the week will contribute another point.

Non-represented clans will lose their position on the board first.

The tournament can scale with any number and various little awards can be designed to reward those playing at the end of the season. Hopefully this will instill a clan loyalty schtick like L5R and giving this game another unique perspective.

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