All about subthemes

Finally, i managed to get a complete playset of all my Bermuda Triangle cards. But unfortunately, the clan is not exactly any top tier for the moment. At most, tier 1.5 to tier 2. The lack of break ride hurts the clan and since we know the upcoming card sets in Japanese, there’s no hope for Bermuda just yet. So I’m shelving my folder of complete Bermuda to my library shelf. One day… when BT14-BTxx or EBxx whatsoever gives more options for Bermuda again, i will unseal the folder from the archive.

I’m moving to complete my narukami eradicators. Rationally speaking, i should be moving to get most narukami cards, rather than just focusing on eradicators to give a more viable option. But to complete everything is a waste money since the cardpool for Narukami is quite huge. And being a 50 card deck… there’s only so much you can put in. And yes, i know that you can just buy what you need, but the collector in me just cannot take it such incompleteness. So I’m gonna stick to pure eradicators as much as possible to keep my complete set collector OCD at bay.

In reflection of the anime series, I’ve yet to find a nemesis of sorts in real life to pick up Liberators, but what the heck.

With BT11, there are 3 completely new subthemes that you can collect from there… same goes with BT10. By right, BT10 should come first, but not sure why Bushiroad decide to release in English, BT11 first then BT10. Which can be considered as rather weird since some cards in BT11 are support cards for BT10 such as nemesis/liberators/eradicators.

So BT10 introduces

Jewel Knight = Royal Paladin
Eradicators = Narukami
Liberators = Gold Paladin
Genesis (All new clan)

BT11 introduces

Seal Dragon = Kagero
Ancient Dragon = Tachikaze
Celestial = Angel Feather
Support for Genesis, Liberators & Eradicators

In the set they are introduced in, the subtheme is complete. You can build a 50 card deck with it, since they give 1 set of each trigger and enough to make a 17-16-12-5 deck (grade 0 to grade 3 respectively. (the numbers in total, so you will trim a bit to reach the optimum 50 card deck.)

I like the way the make subthemes, while it makes deck building less skill intensive in a way, but it makes collecting far more easier.

After cracking quite a fair bit BT11…. i have abundance tachikaze/kagero cards… any takers? 🙂


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