Painting a LOT of minis

It’s been a while since I wrote anything related to miniature hobby. This time, a simple painting tip when you’re faced with a lot of similar dudes called, a regiment. Instead of churning out 1 fine and complete mini every couple of hours (or even 30 minutes for a speed painted one), this is not only slow, but at the end of the day, you’ll have a complete regiment of anywhere between 5-40 dudes.

1. Simple scheme: Choose a simple colour scheme. Discounting the skin and small trinkets that adorn your miniature, in a regiment, it’s more important to have a unified look so there’ll look pretty together. Choose a scheme that’s primarily 2 colours if possible. 3 is okay but each added colour just adds more time to your painting plate. Also important is for you to decide where those colours will go to

2. A colour a day: Now choose a colour and paint every mini in the regiment with the same colour on the appropriate parts. Say you choose red today. Paint every mini with red in it, no matter how small/big the area is. Then rest and forget about it. Repeat with another colour the next day and so forth.

3. Colour the details in one go: It’s hard to run away from cool details in a miniature, so after your main colours are down, 1 day will be detailing your minis using the same colour as much as you possibly can. there will be colour  switches at this stage but it’ll be less time consuming.

4. Wash everyone: Or dip, to your preference I suppose. Wash works just fine. The strong tone from Army Painter works wonders.

5. Touch up the skin: The skin will lose a lot of their colour after a wash. So touch them up by painting ONLY on the raised areas with the original skin colour that you’ve chosen. This will pop up the mini more and it’ll look really cool en masse.

Add the usual matte varnish and you’re done. Total time taken? Maybe 4 days of short spurts of painting of about an hour or two. The result? 40 painted minis. I kid you not. After washing and basing, your army will suddenly come to life all at once. It’s truly magical.

Plus it’s less depressive than finishing one guy and then look back to see 39 unpainted dudes waiting for their turn next.

The other advantage to this method is that you’ll conserve paint. Paint will dry on your pallet, this is a given fact. Especially so when you’re shifting colours to paint different parts of the miniature. With this method, the same amount of paint will cover maybe 5 minis as opposed to the 1 that you’re used to do solo.

You also save time and allow yourself to do other things, like playing with your kid or doing the laundry or even play some ps3. An hour a day is not so bad, as opposed to spending 5 hours and finishing only 5-10 guys. I did this and went through my High Elf IoB set within a week per regiment. But next time, I’ll do it for everyone in a regiment so I’ll halve my painting time (hopefully)


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