Aqua Think Tank

The arrival of Bubble Edge Dracokid has heralded many, many wonderful things. Put the lil’ guy into your soul, choose a unit. If the unit makes a 4th or more attack attack this turn, draw a card. Simple, right? Then all hell breaks loose when I try to make a draw-tastic deck with no idea how to win.

Grade 0

Starting Ripple, Alecs x1

Bubble Edge Dracokid x4

Crit x12

Draw x4

Grade 1

Storm Rider, Eugen x1

Emerald Shield, Paschal x4

Battle Siren, Dorothea x2

Silent Ripple, Sotirio x4

Grade 2

Rising Ripple, Pavroth x4

Tidal Assault x3

Battle Siren, Callista x3

Grade 3

Thundering Ripple, Genovious x4

Blue Flight Dragon, Trans-core Dragon x2

Navalgazer Dragon x2

This deck actually looks pretty dumb, but the potential to do uber draws is simply too irresistable! I have no idea how this deck will win, hence the Tans-core is there to provide with some form of win button, but I wouldn’t count on it. It’s a very one dimensional deck, but I bet it’ll be fun for a few laughs at least.


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