2 IoB base armies for High Elf and Skaven

This is probably gonna be my last Warhammer post for a few months, while I actually concentrate on painting the dudes. Through immense boredom and itchy fingers, I figured out 2 decent armies that you can make with 2 Island of Blood starters. They both need 2 more purchases each to complete them to 2000 points,which are itacalized in the lists.


High Elf: Probably done to death about now, but the previous list has the base line at an even 1850 points, with 150 points to figure out gears and magical items.

Army concept: Iron Man. Gold armour, red cloth, blue gem stones. Yup.

General: High Elf on Griffon (with Swiftsense)

Heroes: 2x Level 1 Mage, Noble on Griffon (with Swiftsense)

Core: 2x FC Lothern Sea Guards (10) with shields, 2x Ellyrian Reavers (5) and bows with musician

Special: 2x FC Swordmasters of Hoeth (10), 2x Dragon Princes of Caledor(5)


Skaven: This is new. It came up to 1847 points with 153 points for customizing some gears and magical items (you’ll most likely use only 120 in any case)

Army concept: Pinky and the Brain. White rats, pink inner ears. Probably dirty pink clothes too.

General: Warlord on Bonebreaker Rat Ogre

Supporting Lord: Grey Seer

Heroes: Chieftain BSB, 3x Level 2 Warlock Engineer

Core: 2x FC Clan Rats (20) with shields and Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team, 2x FC Clan Rats (20) with shields and Plaguewind Mortar Weapon Team

Special: 3x Rat Ogres led by a Master Moulder with Things Catcher

Rare: 2x DOOMWHEEL!!! (so awesome in needs to be in bolded caps)


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