Less awesome version of Sons of Caledor

Came up with a new 2k list that is more easier on the wallet, but visually less stunning. In my previous post, it was a glorious show of arms with 5 units of Dragon Princes of Caledor. But that also equals to 100 pound sterling total. So this list, will be a bit cavalry short, but it finally can include a Battle Standard Bearer and magical items.

General (Lord): 

This now has two flavours. Each one totaling up to a whopping 500 points. Both choices still has dragons, since this is a Caledor list anyway, but they’ll have the minimum augmentation to make them okay.

Option 1:

Level 4 Archmage on Sun Dragon, with Talisman of Preservation.

– Just enough to make him not so squishy, yet a powerhouse by his own. Haven’t decided on a Lore yet, probably Shadow. MAYBE Fire as well to go tag team with the Dragon Mage.

Option 2:

Prince on Moon Dragon, with Ogre Blade and Dragon Armour.

– A constant S5 melee attacker and a better dragon than the previous version.

Again, either one of these would be okay. Though the Archmage is a bit more awesome, the dragon on the Prince is more powerful.


Level 2 Dragon Mage with Dragon Armor (comes with a complementary Sun Dragon).

– Still has issues, but he HAS to be in this list.

Battle Standard Bearer: Noble wearing Dragon Armor with Reaver Bow.

– Most likely will be plugged into the Sea Guard regiment. It shall be glorious.


For the most part unchanged, though the ranks for the unit containing the BSB will be a bit weird. Not sure how I’m going to sort it out yet.

2x Lothern Sea Guard (10) with musician, standard bearer and champion.

2x Ellyrian Reavers (5) with bow and musician.

– Changed the champions to  musicians here. I assume they have musical swords instead of the weapons they’re brandishing so gallantly. Or I could just mod them. Always an option.


With a heavy heart, I had to cut out 2 units of Dragon Princes of Caledor 😦 Yet it had to be done to save me 40 quid. One day, I’ll have enough to field a full glory of 6 of these babies.  One day.

Dragon Princes of Caledor (5) with standard bearer

Dragon Princes of Caledor (5) with standard bearer, wielding the Banner of Eternal Flame

Dragon Princes of Caledor (5) with standard bearer, wielding the Lichebone Pennant / Banner of Swiftness

– I’m torn between these two banners. They’re evenly costed, cheap yet do different things. Might just toss a coin and play the one lady luck favours.


Final thoughts:

Though I miss the loss of 2 more units of Dragon Princes, the changes make the list more solid. I probably could if I ditched one dragon but that’ll be not as cool. While this list might not fare better than my previous one, the General have better option at the end of the day I think. Also the magic standards on the Dragon Princes give them some edge, but not sure how significant it’ll be.

Truth to be told, if one of the Reavers were to change to bows instead and if I kept the Dragon Princes vanilla, I’ll be able to plunk in this additional Special unit:

Swordmasters of Hoeth (5)

I’ll have some use out of the model I suppose instead of storing them around looking pretty.  Maybe.

Theoretically, in a 2k army I can fit in 6 minimum 5 man units of Dragon Princes of Caledor, but definitely at a cost of 1 dragon. We’ll see how this pans out. Should be interesting.


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