Narukami’s Eradicators

The CF vanguard WGP Malaysia qualifiers has gone by. I decided against plaing Bermuda Triangle, which i spend a month plus tweaking and decided to jump into Narukami Eradicator deck. (It was released a day before tourney, but i gambled in anyway). I didn’t get in top 8 and most of the group scrubbed out. With it being Swiss 7 rounds Double Elimination means that you’re out once you lose two games.

So we were out.. but the highlight point of the tourney was…
1) Free tourney. Nothing to lose
2) Free WGP 2013 deck box. Fits three decks. Nice.
3) Promo, it was Graphite Cannon Dragon for Kagero. Since most of us don’t play Kagero, its’ just meh…
4) Free fight tourney in the afternoon gives a Gold Paladin and Shadow Paladin… so-so only, but free promo is free.
5) Participated in the Weiss Schwarz free fight. Got madoka magica, fate zero and sauna (SAO). all english of course, but free promo is free.
6) Refer to point number 1… free entry tourney. 🙂

All in all, it was good fun. I entered knowing that we won’t reach far. so it’s ok. The japanese tourney the next day was more vicious, i didn’t go, since its family time. But i heard they implemented the top 8 no same nation ruling.

Basically, what it means that if you’re first and second place, no issues.

3rd to 8th onwards though, only a single NATION is allowed. So if you’re playing OTT and got 4th, but the guy above you plays Gold Paladin, so you’re same nation with him, (Both yellow-United Sanctuary), then you’re out. They will check the next person until it’s not the same nation as 3rd placing such as maybe Granblue which is Magallanica (Blue). And so on until top 8 is filled with different nations.

It’s screwed up, i know. But they want to “rectify” the imbaness of some clans like in Japan now, *cough* Link Joker *cough*. It started from apparently one of the WGP where the top 16, which had 13 of em are link jokers.. like duh.

In the meantime, I took a liking to eradicators.. so i will play that for awhile…


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