Got bit by the Warhammer Fantasy bug.  Damn random. Cooked up a theme list for the Sons of Caledor, which is a High Elf family that deals with dragons. Yeaaahhh….

This list is designed to be built from the starter and buy as little stuff as possible.

2000 pts:

General: Prince on Sun Dragon, wearing Dragon Armor, wielding shield, hand weapon and lance.

Dragon Mage on Sun Dragon, wearing Dragon Armor.

2 units of 10 Lothern Sea Guards, with shields, musician, banner bearer and champion each. (have to do it this way to maximize the points to fill in the core quota)

2 units of 5 Ellyrian Reavers, with additional bows and champion each. (ditto above)

5 units of 5 Dragon Princes of Caledor. No champions since they’re badass by themselves.

The dragons will lose to their more standard cousins in other armies, the infantry baseline is kinda toolboxy and lacks focus, and the Reavers are really just harrassers and can’t really hit anything worth a damn., but they’re nice looking models and are already there from the starter set. Also, do notice there’s no points whatsoever for ANY magical items. Yup, this army is screwed. But it’ll look FABULOUS.

The only change I would do is to have a fully spec’ed out Spearmen unit of 30 man strong instead of the Sea Guards and 2 units of Silver Helm Cavalry without champions or anything instead of the Reavers . But that would equate to buying 4 more fresh box sets and totally disregarding the starter box. So nahhhh….

Besides… the Reavers and the Sea Guards look better and can pew pew as well as having spears.

Now that exactly leaves me with these extra models:

2 Prince/Noble on griffon

2 Mage/Archmage

2 units of full spec Swordmasters of Hoeth (10 each)

That’s enough for another army already, though they’re less awesome than dragons.


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