Dimension Police Junior

I had an interesting experience at the last cardfight vanguard tournament. It was just a shop level, nothing major about it. But there were a lot of people. Turn out was decently around 26 players. And there were a lot of kids… reminds me of the pokemon tourney days of old. Being an adult now, I have to watch my words since they were kids, where a single word or two would be disastrous… especially the F.U categories. 
The age of the kids are as young as 8 years old and the rest in their teens.. (10 to 14 years old.) A few male parent was nearby, ensuring their kids have their fun while a few actually participated in the same tourney.
That got excited somewhat.. teaching junior the ropes of the game could very well improve his english and maths. not only that, it gives me the oppurtunity to play games and buy into it without opposition from the wife. 
So I got L.Sensei’s box of commons and extracted a deck. The only complete clan with the appropriate triggers in the box was Dimension Police. Since I wanted to pass this to junior to teach him the game.. bear in mind that he’s only 6 years old. I just went with this. Simple minded deck, just drop on board, and beatdown as max power/strength as possible. It’s a teaching tool really, just to familiarize to the game before the wife catches on to my tricks!
In a field test casual game yesterday, I had some sort of insane luck, which resulted in me giving my opponent damage which revealed his Daiyusha Reverse every single damage! 3 in a row! It’s one of the quirks playing a somewhat luck based game. These things happen and there’s nothing you can do about. He of course jokingly threatened to emoragequit in the event that the 4th damage revealed another Daiyusha Reverse. 
Anyway, I will be doing the teaching game thing to him for now. Hopefully by later he would be a contender. Initially decklist inlcuded the ultraman look alike, Enigma something… but i took him out later due to not quite working for the deck… 🙂
Grade 0
1x Warrior of Destiny, Dai
8x Stand
4x Heal
4x Draw
Grade 1
4x Dimensional Robo, Daimariner
4x Fighting Saucer
4x Glory Maker
Grade 2
4x Cosmic Rider
2x Cosmic Mothership
4x Super Dimensional Robo, Dallady
4x Assault Monster, Gunrock
Grade 3
3x Enigman Shine
4x Interdimensional Ninja, Tsukikage


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