A new look into Aqua Force

I removed some of the rares from my deck because it simply didn’t work. I still couldn’t threaten those 13k cross ride Vanguards with my meager 10k muscle. So what do we do? We backtrack.

Here was my previous deck:


Grade 3:

Hydro Hurricane Dragon x4

Storm Rider, Lysander x2

Storm Rider, Diamantes x2

Grade 2:

Tear Knight, Lazarus x3

Tear Knight, Valeria x2

Marine General of the Restless Tides, Algos x2

Storm Rider, Basil x2

Coral Assault x2

Grade 1:

Tear Knight, Theo x4

Emerald Shield, Paschal x2

Battle Siren, Dorothea x2

Battle Siren, Cynthia x3

Accelerated Command x3

Grade 0:

Tri-Holi Dracokid

10 Stand, 2 Draw, 4 Heal


What I liked about this deck: Lots of multiple attack options, good cycle and card draw (situational), very good pressure against 10k Vanguards.

But it struggles a bit against 11k Vanguards.

And completely helpless against 13k cross ride Vanguards. Obviously, this cannot go on.

For the first part, let’s look back at numbers. Currently, I have 4 Hydro Hurricane Dragon in my deck. While this is good and all, they suck if they’re forced to go to the rear-guard. Diamantes and Lysander are pretty much vanilla if they’re not doing their switching thing, and only one of them needs to do it. HHD as the Vanguard is already awesome, he’s able to threaten a 13k Vanguard all by himself. Add a random 6k booster and that’s a confirm 10k guard from the opponent without even trying to do anything. That’s ok.

I realised that I do use my grade 3’s as front row Rear Guards often enough but they lack the muscle short of having a bonus trigger. These cards had to go out: HHD x1, Lysander, Diamantes x1. Diamantes is still useful enough for his 11k first attack, at least one copy of him gets to stay. To replace them, I entered 2 of the most common muscle that we often overlook: Key Anchor, Dabid and Titan of the Pyroxene Mine. Dabid can also threaten a 13k Vanguard by himself with a cheap cost of CB1, and the Titan, while boosted by at least a 6k support, can really force a 13k Vanguard to do a 2 stage defense. This is huge. From not able to hit to suddenly have a threatening front, it’ll readily force the cards to dropped from my opponent’s hand more often than not.

The rest are about the same, but my grade 1 and 2 are used to pressure 11k’s. But the Grade 2 was shaken up a bit to accommodate a complete play set of Lazarus and another copy of Coral Assault. We’re talking about 11k/16k threats here, so that should be consistent enough. The caveat here is that Algos and Valeria would have to shrink down. Either have 2 copies of one or 1 of each, it doesn’t matter. It’s meant to be bait and a valid 4th attack boon.

So here’s the final draft:


Grade 3:

3x Hydro Hurricane Dragon

2x Key Anchor, Dabid

2x Titan of the Pyroxene Mine

1x Storm Rider, Diamantes

Grade 2:

Tear Knight, Lazarus x4

Coral Assault x3

Algos/Valeria x2 (same copy or 1 of each)

Storm Rider, Basil x2

Grade 1:

Accelerated Command x3

Storm Rider, Eugen x3

Emerald Shield, Paschal x2

Tear Knight, Theo x3

Battle Siren, Cynthia, x3

Grade 0:

Aqua Breath Dracokid

10 Stands, 2 Draws, 4 Heals.


Don’t snuff on Eugen and Aqua Breath. Though not the most popular choices, they do have their merits. Eugen, upon standing by trigger, can still support the guy he just switched with. His first attack will mostly be wash anyway. And the Aqua Breath provides that crucial 1k which can determine if your card can threaten a Vanguard or not. 1k is enough to tilt the defense from a single stage to a 2 stage. If you attack a 11k vanguard with a 15k (10k + 5k) column, he can block with 5k. But if you attack with an extra 1k, he’d have to block with 10k instead.

Well, that’s it from me. I guess what’s important from this article is to prioritize constant threats as opposed to a specific strategy to win. By all means, you still need a trump card, but you shouldn’t falter if the plan doesn’t come into play. Hit the numbers that you want to and your selection of cards will be more apparent to you.


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