The pass

Felt like writing something random. In Vanguard, a ‘pass’ normally refers to a 5k boost conferred by drawing a trigger. We also divide damage into 5k stages as well to assess the damage we can block or let go at any given time. Now here’s the clincher. Even though power values can vary, within a 5k stage, those variations do not matter. What matters however, is the power of your target Vanguard. The stage of damage really depends on a Vanguard’s power. Consider this:

10k Vanguard:

0 – +4000: 1 stage

+5000 – +9000: 2 stages

+10000 – +14000: 3 stages

What does this mean? It means that if you have a 10k Vanguard, if you’re attacked with a 16k column, you will spend the same amount of resources blocking the attack even if you’re attacked with a 19k column (which is a 10k guard). This means that there’s a range of 4k worth of power that doesn’t make a difference. Let’s make a simple list of the power of the Vanguard and their stage threshold:

10k Vanguard: 10k (1 stage), 15k (2 stage), 20k (3 stage), 25k (4 stage)…

11k Vanguard: 11k (1 stage), 16k (2 stage), 21k (3 stage), 26k (4 stage)…

13k Vanguard: 13k (1 stage), 18k (2 stage), 23k (3 stage), 28k (4 stage)…

This is so useful when you’re debating how much you should defend an attack. Normally an attack would try to hit 3 stages so your conventional blocking methods (short that of using a pg) would not work. And you would want to defend with 3 stages for a no pass if you really don’t want that attack to land. Because of the abundance in 11k Vanguards, 16k happens to be the magic number when if comes to build a column. 18k is obviously the best, forcing even a 13k Vanguard to make a 2 stage (10k) guard to fully defend himself. The idea is to do as many 2 stage attacks as possible.




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