Disciple of Emi Sendou

I just noticed that I’ve been playing the clans that Emi Sendou was in the anime. With the sudden brush with OTT, my initiation is now complete.


All hail the Overlord! Ehemm… now that’s out of the way, I cracked a few random packs of EB05 and got a pretty decent pull (if pulling 3 Battle sister, chocolat can be called decent). Got the essentials, but not the heavy hitters. No worries, just a small setback. In the meantime, I have devised a deck of budgetness for anyone who happens to be in my predicament. I call it:


The Soulless & the Handless (it’s exactly how it sounds like)

Grade 3:

4x Battle Sister, Souffle

4x Oracle Guardian, Apollon

Grade 2:

4x Battle Sister, Tarte

3x Battle Sister, Glace

3x Oracle Guardian, Wiseman

Grade 1:

4x Oracle Guardian, Gemini

3x Battle Sister, Chocolat (whee!) – Disclaimer, if not her (which is most likely the case) max out the other 3 cards below

3x Dark Cat

3x One Who Gazes at the Truth (a.k.a Loki)

3x Battle Sister, Omelet

Grade 0:

4x Battle Sister, Assam (Stand)

4x Psychic Bird (Critical)

4x Battle Sister, Tiramisu (Draw)

4x Lozenge Magus (Heal and starting vanguard)

Yup. This deck is pure beatdown. With no preservation tactics nor measures in place, this deck will keep trucking on with little to no thought of what’s coming. Reaching soulless is easy if you control your Psychic Bird consumption. Have Loki constantly eating out for a decent 9k front. He’s annoying because he’s so tiny that your opponent will think twice whether he’s worth the attack to take it out. You’ll come to an average of 1 soul at some turns which Loki will eat to power up Omelet and Glace.

Everything else…. is pretty self-explanatory. I can’t wait to try this out on someone.


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