Return to the zone of missing planes and ships

The Bermuda Triangle. Had a revisit of the clan while still trying to find a deck to represent in the regionals in October. At first I went with the previously posted Aqua Force deck. It was okay, but as expected, it can’t rack up enough juice to push for constant pressure on the opponent. The micro attacks are fine to fish out those normal units out of their hand but as you go later in the game it becomes exceedingly hard to break through, especially when a trigger is revealed during damage.

So I went fat. With mermaids. EB06 has a slew of mermaids with big power and big power pumps with an easy requirement to make it work. I’m not going to disclose my deck yet, still ironing out the kinks oh the amount of tech/muscle that I want to add to the deck. But my biggest decision is perhaps determining my star Grade 3 unit that act as the backbone of the deck. Here she is:


She is a common card with only a single vanguard ability. Even then, her ability is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time. But it’s powerful. Her ability can replace the Stand trigger which enables me to stock up on Critical triggers more. Why I chose her is because:

a) She doesn’t need to eat up damage for Limit Break to make full use of her.

b) The ability to bounce and then decide to place a rear guard in an open slot is just amazing. You can “replace” with the same card, replace with a stronger card in its place, or place the card on another open slot in case you have holes on your side of the table. Those come into play effect cards have extra (if random) mileage with her.

c) Unlike other notable Grade 3’s, she’s not the finisher. She normally doesn’t attack last delivering the final payload so it’s a bit uncertain when she’ll make her move.

d) Her ability works even if it doesn’t hit. Drawing 2 Grade 3’s for attack triggers will no longer suck this time around.

To me, the last bit is the final nail in the coffin on why she’s chosen. Plus I just wanna go to regionals with a common card as the focus of my deck 😛

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