Aqua Force deck. No Maelstrom included


For the record I DO have Maelstrom, but I don’t like him. Why? To get him up to 16K, he’ll have to be the 4th attacker only. The Navalgazer Dragon has an easier time hitting that 16K solo number being the 3rd attacker. But the one who can pull it off whenever he wants is the Hydro Hurricane Dragon (HHD). While normally you’d want the HHD to hit 4th, there4’s no worries even if you can’t make him the 4th attacker to use his abilities, because his muscle is astounding.

Plus, HHD is cheap.

Anyway, deck:

Grade 0:

  • Officer Cadet, Astraea x1/x2
  • Pyroxene Beam Blue Dragon Soldier x4 (Stand)
  • Enemy Seeking Seagull Soldier x4 (Stand)
  • Dolphin Soldier of High Speed Raids x4 (Stand)
  • Medical Officer of the Rainbow Elixir x4 (Heal)

Grade 1:

  • Emerald Shield, Paschal x2
  • Tear Knight, Theo x4
  • Tear Knight, Cyprus x4
  • Battle Siren, Dorothea x2
  • Storm Rider, Eugen x3/x2

Grade 2:

  • Storm Rider, Basil x2
  • Coral Assault x2
  • Tear Knight, Lazarus x2
  • Marine General of the Restless Tides, Algos x2
  • Tear Knight, Valeria x2

Grade 3:

  • Hydro Hurricane Dragon x4
  • Navalgazer Dragon x2
  • Storm Rider, Diamantes x1
  • Titan of the Pyroxene Mine x1

The deck still follows the old Aqua Force doctrine of multiple attacks in a turn, but I find this version to have fewer conflicts when it comes to which unit do you attack with first. The biggest conundrum with this sort of deck is the inability to make full use of your multiple attack units. This deck tries to minimize that event as much as it can while giving the biggest punch it can hope to dish out. There is a couple of niggle room in this deck, which is the slight change with Astraea and Eugen. Both are enablers to for more attacks. Astraea is easier to use but is a one hit wonder while Eugen can run out of his uses very quickly.

But why not use another Diamantes/Basil/Benedict? Simply because I only need one Storm Rider on the table. Eugen at least has the advantage of being a grade 1 so he can at least boost in later parts of the game as he loses his ability to dish out damage. The deck is pretty consistent in its ride capabilities and can really be devastating during the 1st/2nd turn that can potentially deal 5 damage to the opponent easy from the get go (barring guards). But these stabs are small so they’re easily defended against. The trick is to hold off your guns until the moment that you really need it. That means restraint for the most part.

Don’t be afraid to change your grade 3 rides during the course of the game. And whatever you do, do not rush into 4 damage as fast as you can. In fact keep guarding at 3 as long as you can instead until all the pieces are present to take advantage of your limit break. Counter intuitive? Maybe. But this deck is actually an attrition deck in disguise that can take quite a beating.


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