Nursing angels with Feathers

I’ve always been a busy deck builder. Every week I would churn out new decks whenever i can. Mostly theory-craft on spreadsheet, but one card in the wiki caught my eye nicely due to i think would be eye-candy. Obviously.
After seeing that picture, for some reason i was decided to build a dedicated nurse/angel deck. No dudes please. While the deck i would hardly say its efficient in any way,  but i Just build it the way i like it, and keeping it as cheap as possible. One of the challenge is to keep in english format. the Japanese release has bigger cardpool, but i decided to stick to english and currently relesed sets only. No future sets here guys.

 Level 0
1x BT06/054 Thermometer Angel (Starter)
4x BT06/056  Bouquet Toss Messenger (DRAW)
4x BT06/058 Critical Hit Angel (CRITICAL)
4x BT06/059 Happy Bell, Nociel (STAND)
4x BT06/060 Sunny Smile Angel (HEAL)

Level 1
4x BT09/080 Candlelight Angel
4x BT09/078 Crimson Mind, Baruch
4x BT06/050 Lancet Shooter
3x BT06/012 Pure Keeper, Requiel (Sentinel) (RR)

Level 2
4x BT06/11 Love Machine Gun, Nociel (RR)
4x BT06/046 Holy Zone, Penemue
2x BT06/010 Core Memory, Armaros (RR)

Level 3
4x BT06/001 Circular Saw, Kiriel (RRR)
4x BT06/043 Pulse Wave, Adriel

Overall, 3 sets of RR and 1 set of RRR. Naturally, one of the RR is a nullguard, (Sentinel). I got most of the commons, so i just need to hunt for the rares. That’s quite decent and most of the cards comes from one booster set, BT06 with only two common cards from BT09. 
I will keep this for the lolz and .. tutorial games while keeping my Bermuda Triangle as my so called more ‘competitive’ deck. The deck runs quite decently from theory craft. It can reach the necessary attack power and a good damage pool manipulation can get this deck running nicely. Once I get my hands on the components and build this… and tested it properly… we will see.
My next project, is probably Oracle Think Tank… full blown Battle Sisters deck. Once EB07 is released… maybe…. Although my next expense will be on Gate of Chaos (L5R for this month and september)

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