Mermaid big power

No deck list today, but eb06 english just rolled into town and was quickly consumed by yours respectively and Inzen. He seems to be getting all the Eternal Idol, Pacifica while I get all the PRiSM Promise, Labrador. Hmmm…

Anyway, the new set gave a lot of power to the mermaids, but not enough to completely unroot eb02 from your decks, but it will cycle out the earlier cards by a large number. The Pacifica deck has a little boost while Rivierre seems to be getting the best deal of the bunch. Felucca and Myrtoa still has their uses, but often find themselves competing with the grade 1 r’s from eb06.

It’s very easy to get into the pure prism build with Labrador, which promises a 10k boost and 1 critical bonus for her LB4 effect. It’s simply the most powerful card in the set. Playing the deck however, can be tricky since she’s normally the first attacker, so it’s really easy to save up perfect guards for her from turn 1 the moment they see Coro on the table.

Reindeer is still strong with eb06, if not more so with Mona’s arrival. The best thing is more grade 2 leads like Flute is available to make a really solid grade 2 front line. The Pearl Sisters seem to have a harder time staying in decks. Girl’s Rock, Rio included.

Conclusion? Good set. But runs the risk of overshadowing and ultimately replacing eb02 altogether. They reprinted Elly and Sedna, but in my opinion they shouldn’t have done that to make eb02 still an appealing pull.


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