The Macross effect

While Macross is often synonymous with its triple changing valkyries, but don’t kid yourself. The valks wasn’t the focus. Oh nooo… the focus has always been and always will will be on the singers and idols that motivate these pilots to victory. It’s always been the power of the song. It just so happens that there’s an entire clan in Vanguard that champions this theme… with one catch. These singers are also mermaids. All of them. Not one card is of a different race. I present to you… the Bermuda Triangle clan.

This clan is a mix between Pale Moon and OTT, but also with a dash of Nova Grappler’s relentlessness (though this part is rather random). Like always, when it comes to a new clan, I like to build cheap decks to test out its budget potential. The deck comes with 6 R’s (which is about USD0.65 each, give or take a few) and everything else are commons. They synergize well and do give your opponent a run for their money.

Grade 0:

Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Weddell x1 (R)

Drive Quartet, Ressac x4

Drive Quartet, Flows x4

Drive Quartet, Bubblin x3

Drive Quartet, Shuplu x3

Sleeping Beauty, Mousse x2

Grade 1:

Mermaid Idol, Felucca x2

Prism on the Water, Myrtoa x3

Blazer Idols x3

Mermaid Idol, Sedna x4

Grade 2:

Diva of Clear Waters, Izumi x4

Intelli-Idol, Melville x4

Snow White of the Corals, Claire x2

Grade 3:

Velvet Voice, Reindeer x4

Rainbow Light, Carine x2

Top Idol, Ceram x3 (R)

Top Idol, Flores x2 (R)

The thing about Bermuda Triangle in EB02, is that there are a lot of cards that seems to step on the toes of others and seem counterintuitive. This deck eliminates that altogether and you can use any of its faculties without much difficulty. Why this deck has a ridiculous amount of G3 is to key off Reindeer’s auto ability. Her ability acts like an extra Stand trigger of sorts and the best card to bump up  is Carine. Knowing which card to bounce in which situation is crucial to playing this deck. Sure it doesn’t have Perfect Guards, but they’re expensive. Including them would be a huge bonus since there are so many useless G3’s to fuel it.

The Drive Quartets will most likely ensure you a triple heavy attack on your first couple of turns before you start bouncing them up to use their 10K guards in mid-late game. Despite its wonky  numbers, you can ride consistently with this deck and even if you can’t, there’s enough staying power to hang in there for a turn or so. Maximum power column of this deck is currently at 20k, though by bouncing and recalling the +2k units, it can get high enough to a respectable 28k on a good day.


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