July 2013. Time does fly.

L5R Ivory Edition is still a long time away, at least 5-6 months down the road. I’m just waiting for arc change as I’m bored with Emperor Edition.

I’m still on ccg sabbatical. I still bought Coils of Madness, since its dual bugged. And I will probably also buy the upcoming set, Gates of Chaos (Sept 2013).

With MTG, I got lucky with Dragon Maze though, about roughly about 24 packs in total via multiple separate occasions, and got 4 Voice. Sold those during its high peak price, so I got nearly 100% profit in terms of 24 packs. Did not touch Modern Masters though, I looked at the card pool and the price and it’s not worth it. I’ve seen people cracking whole boxes and no goyf nor dark dude. So all-in-all, seems not worth at all for me. I hardly touched EDH and Modern format anyway.

M14 is around the corner. While there are good cards, since this set will support new standard post-Theros, (which is due in Sept 2013), I see it more of EDH worthy maybe. Time will tell whether the set shapes up well or just down the drain.

Had a first tourney of Star Wars LCG, I completely failed at it. Considering I bought the set in the beginning and every chapter packs but did not play it at all. So the tourney was really my first few games. So far, the game is not bad, due to its interesting twist in deck building, although if i was to summarise the game, i would say the game is about bullying. Once you reach a certain point and hit the opponent down, the game is very harsh in ensuring that a downed opponent will stay down. For now, I would say the game does not quite provide means of making comebacks.

Maybe it’s just my game/experience so far in it.

The other LCG, Android Netrunner, I’m considering to drop it. While it is interesting, I don’t feel like maintaining that much games anymore, so L5R and Star Wars LCG is about it in terms of purchase for card gaming.

That being said, Little Sensei has got into Vanguard. I did not buy into that since I’m not too keen on it, but he did drop me a nice decent deck. (Tier 2.5 maybe), but it works well in casual games i suppose, so i may give it a shot if mainly to satisfy my curiosity and OCD for knowledge.

Being on sabbatical, i have completed on a lot of backlog games… Now trying to finish Project X Zone.. before Shin Megami Tensei 4 arrives next week… argghhh…


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