And now 2 months later…. Vanguard!

This is as random as it gets. I don’t know how or why I got bit by the Vanguard bug but I did. But a lot has happened locally that has soured one of the games that I used to play, Android: Netrunner. The way the regionals was handled was a complete double standard mess that I stressed out and sold my copy. If this goes on, Star Wars may be sharing a similar fate but it’s too early to tell for now.

Anyway… Vanguard! I just managed to get onto the 7th starter deck and focused on only the 8th booster box release. I picked up the Aqua Force clan simply because they’re the latest and it’s easy to get the cards since most of the players have set themselves on the older clans. There’s a buttload of clans and not all of them are featured on every expansion, so you can cherry pick which box to buy based on the clan that you’ve chosen.

How does Vanguard work? Well, there’s a central figure card called the… vanguard (but of course). During the course of the game you’ll evolve your vanguard as well as calling his friends to back him up. They have to be equal or lower level than your vanguard in order to hit the table though, that’s about as much as unit costing goes. Damaging goes in the way of Weiss Schwarz a bit, but instead of dealing 4 levels worth of damage (19), you only need to deal 6 damage to win the game.

Most special abilities make use of the damage cards that you’ve already suffered to use (called Counter Blast), other use the cost of other arbitrary game elements. But mostly they’re fueled by Counter Blasts.

I’ll share my deck building adventures later. But let me tell you, deck building in vanguard is pretty rigid as much as it rewards out of the box thinking at the same time.


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