Ivory Edition Changes

Yet another change. Ivory edition is coming and so far based on two design diary videos of Bryan Reese, the next arc, (released within sept to nov 2013) will bring about another round of changes.

I will list them in bullet points to avoid lengthly post. Have a meeting to attend in half hour.

1)         Bowing is now a squiggly samurai worm. (I don’t have screenshots with me yet, but today’s preview for Coils of Madness will yield some of these symbols. Think of MTG tap symbol, and it’s the same.

2)       Gold cost for actions are now in the action keyword action designator. Such as the new action “Battle, 2g: Bow target enemy card” So the action is a battle action with 2 gold cost, whereby 2g is represented by the gold coin usually found.

3)       Followers have no honor requirement. I don’t like this new ruling, as honourable followers used to have a meaning… guess not this time around.

4)       Events are now like celestials. They resolve immediately into play at home, but have keyword designators to trigger when you want to use. Such as Limited, Open, Battle.

5)       Reactions are gone.

  1. Replaced by “Engaged” which trigger before battle such as Sneak and Naval and Hidden Defences.
  2. Most of them replaced with “Interrupt”. Interrupts only triggers before action is resolved… so no more confusion on the timing as per the old.. “After announcement, before targeting, after targettig, before cost, after cost, before action resolved, during action resolve, after action resolve. Now, it’s only before action resolves. Cleaner, but i dislike the term Interrupt as MTG used to use it. They could have used something else instead.

6)       Holding are also the same, Squiggly samurai worm: Produce 2 gold. This means it’s no longer traits, but i would presume if they take a lesson from MTG, it would be producing gold is not interruptible and doesn’t use the stack. Something like that.

7)       All abilities in battle will now require presence and relevance. They have to be there. If there are exceptions such as moving in, then the card will say so.

8)       No more performer and non-performer actions. All costs are in the designators…. “Battle, (Samurai icon), (2g): Bow a target enemy card.”

9)       Certain phrases will now be change to keyword

  1. Home: Cards with abilities that can be done at home.
  2. Tireless: Can be used even if bowed
  3. Absent: Doesn’t need presence to do so.

These are the changes that we’ve seen so far. We will see more soon. I for one, welcome the changes, (most of them at least) to attrack newbies. But we will see whether they wil change the current and old flavour of L5R too much….

Original source : http://www.l5r.com


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  1. I believe followers can still be assigned honor requirements, but in traits. The current template not only confuses new players, also confuses me. Bloody lion clan peeps climbing on top of other peeps.

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