Imma gonna deflect your blaster shot to your TIE Bomber (whut?)

I’ve bitten the Star Wars LCG bug during the weekend and had a lot of fun building a couple of decks for me to fool around with. Not sure if the process is longer or shorter than normal deck building, since evaluating a pod as a whole by reading every card in it takes a bit more time at first.

The game is pretty tight, reminds me of Crusade without Supply units with A Game of Thrones economy. You can’t do a whole lot and it’s tricky keeping resources left over for Events (or bluffing). Hand management is also important in the game, surprisingly. It’s different, which presents new challenges from other games that draws 1 card each turn.

But perhaps the biggest plus is that posting a deck only takes 10 lines long (maximum anyway) this time 😛

A couple of my decks which will probably look bad/janky, but it’s a surprise to play with.


Trios Banditos (Jedi)

Fleeing the Empire x1

A Message From Beyond x2
A Hero’s Journey x2

Questionable Contacts x2

Rumors at the Cantina x1
Tribal Support x1
Hit and Run x1


The Perfect Hug (Imperial):

Cruel Interrogations x2
Shadows of Dathomir x2

Take Them Prisoner x2

The Bespin Exchange x2

Looking for Droids x1
Reconnaissance Mission x1

Boba Fett & Rancor vs. Luke & Han (with Leia as cheerleader). I’ll make Hoth centric ones for both sides later, but these two decks have interesting twists to them. Both are flexible enough to be able to play your key cards when you need to, but the Dark Side will want to hold back resources whenever they can to fuel devastating events like Detained, while the Light Side just wants to make a super monster unit to whittle down the board fast.

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