1 week before Kotei….

… just chilling out. Not publicly play testing anything. Everything should be under wraps from here on end until the big day.

What you can do is still play test with your closest friends and iron out any kinks, which will be minor at this point onwards.

You should also gauge the meta your environment might have. You can never meta everything, but you should at least cover your tracks and make your deck more air tight.

You should be comfortable with your deck. Know your plays for your first 3 turns if you’re going first or second. Know what to do if you’re screwed in your first couple of Border Keeps, since there are no mulligans in L5R.

If you have 7 days before Kotei you can still change your deck and learn to be comfortable with it.

If you have 5 days or less and you change your deck, you MIGHT be able to make it with some serious brain burn.

If it’s 3 days before Kotei or less, don’t bother play testing. Just play for fun 😉 Just make sure your deck has a minimum of 40 cards in each deck.

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