Post Kotei 2013 analysis from 5 Kotei’s so far

Hi all,

I’m back again with a short writeup as requested by Inzen based on the 5 Kotei’s so far. Let’s do a quick check on the results so far :

1) Feeding Hills – Lion wins against Phoenix, Zlkyt takes Asako Kojiro hostage
2) Atlanta – Phoenix wins against Mantis, Agasha Kodo kills the sexy bitch Yoritomo Kanahashi
3) Pasadena – Lion wins against Phoenix, Ikoma Shizuka kills Shiba Sanesuke
4) Highland – Crab wins against Phoenix, Kaiu Genji takes Asako Jirou hostage
5) Burnaby – Phoenix wins against Dragon, Asako Karachu honourably spares Tamori Tomoko

That makes it 2 wins for Lion, 1 for Crab and 2 for Phoenix which resulted in 2 Deaths, 2 Hostages and 1 Honourably spared.

The decklists for at least 3 of the winners are in the following links as i write this:

1) Highland – Crab Berzerkers
2) Atlanta – Phoenix Honor
3) Burnaby – Phoenix Blitz

All clans (including ronin) were represented and the things to note from reading the reports for those not willing to go through everything, let me summarize for you the most important points. Note that these may or may not apply to your gaming environment but it’s always good to be prepared:

1) Blitz – You better believe it, it’s still in fashion even with the amount of meta printed for it. All kinds of blitz from different clans are still viable and if you’re not prepared to stop a t1/t2 attack you might be in for a very fast knockout. Overpower (or insert favourite anti-blitz card) will win you games vs blitz decks like none other will.

2) Honor – It’s still winning Kotei’s so don’t be so hasty to knock off anti-honor meta off your decks. On and Alter History are still the choice cards for those of us who need more time to fight against honour decks. You can pack in more at your discretion though.

3) Phoenix – WTF guys, i know ToP is good but seriously?! In one tournament, all 10 Phoenix Players were playing Temple of Purity. Speaks a lot about one stronghold overshadowing almost every other because -4F that can’t be negated is godly. If you’re a blitz player, consider playing Interference seriously.

4) Mantis – For those playing against Kalani’s Landing, be prepared to have NPE (Negative Play Experiences) thanks to Kill-Everything-In-Play + Sudden Blockade strategies.

5) The fashionable duck Hato-gurama has been seen in many decks for the sheer purpose of thinning your deck where it counts. If your deck relies on drawing specific cards this may help especially with the prevalent use of Border Keep xp (aside from cantrips).

6) A lot of decks seem to rely on having double actions (usually military) such as Grappling the Snake and so on. A good meta to add in your decks is Effortless Counterattack if you are looking for something generic.

7) Attachments – The difference between having an attachment and none is the equivalent of life and death in L5R as there are few actions that can bypass attachments completely (like Ring of Fire). The strongest ‘safe’ attachment is still Gift Armor but anything helps (as long as you can afford it). Nakanu Technique, Natural Aviary and the sort will help you if you can find space in your deck for it.

8) Events and Celestials – There are a couple of not-so-commonly-used ones you might want to consider : The Wall is Breached, Dark Experiments, Disgrace, Harsh Choices/Hachiman’s Prowess, The Moon’s Imperative, The Sun’s Aspiration. These are extreme/specific cards and can push a deck to victory or defeat easily.

9) Consider your environment carefully – There is no point packing heavy meta for any specific strategy unless you can read minds. Simply playtest what you consider best for your deck/environment and adjust accordingly.

10) And most importantly, your skill/experience counts in games. Netdecking is pointless without the skill/experience in deck making. And you’ll learn far more by experimenting/testing your own decks to suit your playstyle/environment.

Have a good Kotei 2013 and remember to murder, death, kill!!! decide the fate of the losing clan 🙂


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