D&D Next! Sharing my character creation experience. (+5 xp)

So I got into the D&D Next play test thing and tried out the character creation process. I’m in love with it. Though it still takes a complete session to build one, but the end result is a mix of 2nd ed (which is my favourite edition btw) and 3rd ed. It’s not as contrite as 3rd ed but it is just as modular.

Skills and Feats are now packaged for more easier play and the classes also have packages of their own as well. Selecting equipment can be as easy as picking the packages and go or by slogging through the list yourself. Either one works fine. Skill checks are now Ability checks but you can add your Skill Die to enhance your roll for trained skills.

There’s also a new concept of advantage/disadvantage rolls which is simply rolling another die and choosing the higher/lower one, which is an elegant mechanic.

So, what did all this come up to?

My expert High Elven Hammerguard (this is a custom made Fighter package), who follows the rules like a good boy AND is one hell of a cook. He also belongs to a culinary guild house and the Hammerguard expeditionary force. And oh yes, he uses a warhammer and shield, not one of those namby pamby pig stickers.

Start playtesting here, folks:



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