Imperial Governess

I was intrigued. When I saw Journey End’s Keep xp previewed, I was inspired for sure. For one, I’ve that Imperial Stronghold was going to be printed, but i didn’t realise it will be this soon. And the other, that a once Unicorn stronghold, which by the way is still legal in the current arc, is now being printed as Imperial.

I’m pro-empress in the governess/empress war, but I still find it funny to build a Imperial deck. This will probably be played against the Ronin deck for a new noobish deck.

The deck listed below is a first cut. Very definitely will be tweaked later to speed up/funnies.

Journey End’s Keep xp
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters XP

3x Silk Works
3x Recruiting Officer
3x Governor’s Court
3x Temple Fortress
2x Luxurious Silk
2x Charter of the legion of two thousand
1x Travelling Peddler

1x Hotei’s Contentment
1x Benefices of the Emperor
1x Willing Spirit
1x Imperial Gift
1x Naoharu’s Gift

3x Otomo Demiyah
3x Doji Dainagon
1x Doji Dainagon xp
3x Seppun Ichigo
1x Otomo Suikihime
1x Seppun Ritisharu
3x Seppun Washi
3x Tamori Shosei
3x Utaku Mai
1x Miya Masatsuko

3x Accidental Confession
3x Armor of Heavens
3x Chrysanthemum Blossom
3x Tell the tale
3x Wall of Honor
2x Heavily Engaged
1x Fruitless Search
1x The Heir’s Wrath
1x Peace

2x Fair Warning
2x Forging Destiny
2x Brotherhood Schism
3x Black Marketeering
3x Pure Intent
3x Dismissing the Cur
3x Inexplicable Challenge
1x Game of Dice
1x Ring of the Void
1x Ring of Earth

Seems funny at first glance… I’m not sure of the speed, but should be decent.


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