Crane Nega Duel: Bushi version

Only starter fixed are included as ‘rares’. The rest are commons and uncommons:

The Aerie
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvester

Doji Makoto x1
Doji Shigenobu x3
Doji Genshin x3
Kakita Kenta x3
Kakita Yusugi x3
Takayuki x3
Doji Mitsuru x3
Asahina Keigo x3
Kakita Yasunori x3

Marketplace x3
Prosperous Village x3
Small Farm x3
Tranquil Garden x2

Megumi’s Guidance x1
Akuma’s Power x1

Formal Apology x1
Wisdom Gained x1
The Courtesy of the Crane x3
An Insult Answered x2
Steel on Steel x3
Spirit of the Duelist x2
The Cycle of Vengeance x2
String of Victories x2
Of One Instant x3
Indecision x2
Know no Fear x2
Superior Opponent x2
Shameful Injury x2

Shamsir x3
A Simple Yari x2
Unparalled Sword x2
Reserve Weapon x2

Asahina House Guard x1

Ring of Earth x1
Ring of Water x1
Ring of the Void x1
Ring of Fire x1
Ring of Air x1

Now this does seem like a deck that I want to build and play 🙂 Similar play to the original Nega duel, but with a huge dent on card draw, I’m curious how this deck will play out. Should be interesting.


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