Weiss Army

I still enjoy a game of Weiss Schwarz here and there. The game is simple enough to pick up, takes a bit to master but I love the fact that it uses my favourite anime although it doesn’t potray them too well. I mean, certain main character is sidelined in the card game because unfortunately, games require more… female presence than male once.

It’s a fun game anyway.

I had a flash of inspiration yesterday to build an army deck. Basically, an army deck (for those who don’t know) involves a deck that bends the rule a bit. Most decks will have quantity limitation of 3 / 4 per deck. In Weiss Schwarz and MTG, the limit is 4. But army cards, have a trait built-in the cards to state the number of copies you can put in the deck, is unlimited. If you’re familiar with VS system, it would be the Sentinel deck, one of the more famous army decks or Batman / GPCD deck.

In Weiss, a few anime can support this. I have one army deck from Macross Frontier which consist of Vajras. So I was itchy to build another one.

So far, the candidates are:

1)       Prinnies from Disgaea

2)       Noise from Symphogear

3)       Assassin from Fate Zero EP

I’m sure there are more… but running through a list of a lot anime is daunting when you have to keep referring to translation. And it seems that a translation of you can put any number of this cards can literally be translated in many forms, such as unlimited number, no limitation, as many number….. urgh…

Anyway, I will put up a decklist later. Finding the physical cards though… is another story… due to the main issue is actually finding the cards. Even if they are common/uncommons, they are still a pain to hunt down. Especially the older series such as Disgaea… which is almost extinct.

Decklist first then….. next post.


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  1. Don’t really like the Noise deck. But the Assassin deck was kicking ass when it was around.

  2. Resonance_Regalia

    Wesley here. Just to give some opinions on army decks:

    I think the most viable choice (economy-wise) is to go for Noise. Prinnies are not almost extinct, they’re ALREADY extinct. Even my friend (who is a Prinny fan), only managed to get 20 of them.

    Assassins can be cheap or expensive depending on your budget. You can either go for full bling or no bling, which the latter will of course be cheaper. Assassins roughly cost about 250-300 bucks depending the number of Assassins that you intend to include in your deck, and how bling you want your deck to be.

    Another option will be SIsters with Accelerator from Index. In terms of army decks, AccelSisters is one of the more stable and competitive ones out there. But still, they suffer the same problem as Assassins – price.

    One Sister is about 12-15 bucks each, and the deck needs at least 20-25 sisters, plus all the key staples for the deck, the deck can hit the price range of a full bling Assassin deck, no joke.

    So, for army decks, choose your poison!

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