Izzit over?

The next wave of guilds are coming. So far my favourite mechanic is a tie between the Dimir’s Cipher and the Orzhov’s Extort. The cards for both guilds look smashing so far. I foresee the Dimir liking the Door Keeper a lot. But anyway, the other existing guilds will have mono colour support for Gatecrash. all the guilds will have new shiny toys in the third expansion. But for now, let’s say a brief goodbye to them as we entertain the new guilds coming up.

Before that however, the Izzet would want to say a few words with 3-5 mana or so. This is a pure Ravnica deck, not within the block. I’d say this deck is simple and cute. It’s definitely cheap though (notice how I enjoy building cheap decks as much as I can).

One Hit Wonder

Nivmagus Elemental x4
Blistercoil x4
Frostburn Weird x4
Splatter Thug x4
Guttersnipe x3
Downsize x3
Blustersquall x4
Electrickery x3
Dispel x3
Dynacharge x3
Teleportal x4
Island x9
Mountain x9
Izzet Guildgate x3

Very single minded with a nominal protection via Dispel. It’s meant to rush in and take names. The one drops double a buffer while you build your own forces. I think 5 dudes on the table should be enough for 1 big Teleportal rush.  This deck has 4 rares total.

Have fun!

Edit: You can change those thugs for Goblin Electromancer for a more Izzety feel. They do make those overloads faster to cast as well.


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