Tallying up my decks

Across various games, I have amassed quite a number of playable decks, much to my surprise. Here’s what I have starting off in 2013:
Weiss Schwarz: 5 decks – Macross Alto, Macross Klan Valkyrie, Fate/Stay Night 1 Box, Guilty Crown Starter Promos, Guilty Crown TD Lite.

Legend of the 5 Rings: 1 deck – Crane Nega Duel

Magic: 2 decks – Pre-Orzhov Duelist Aura Blitz (not really that good as I found out), Izzet Psychic Experiment

Crusade: 3 decks – Blue Kenshingumi, Green Juppongatana, Blue/Green Spares 10 and Ninjas(which is surprisingly strong imho)

Netrunner: 2 decks – Shaper Super Link, NBN Draco Tag.

A Game of Thrones: 2 decks – Stark Peasant, Greyjoy Lords

Total deck count: 15

And I don’t have enough sleeves for all of them. My resolution for 2013, is to amass enough sleeves so that all my decks are protected. Might be a good idea to find a big enough box/toolbox to fit all of these decks in one place. But seeing how I only have 5% of my total wage for this month to spend on everything, that’s going to take a while ^.^;;;;


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