RK Base flavour add-on

I think this will work. Taking the queue from the spare deck that I’ve scrounged up together (which I still haven’t posted yet, soon), I decided to build with an Oniwabanshu base and plunk in stuff to go on top of it. The base is still this:

U-008 Makimachi Misao x3
U-009 Kashiwazaki Nenji x2
U-010 Kurojou & Shirojou x2
U-011 Masugami x2
U-012 Omime x2
U-013 Aoiya x3

C-013 Ensatsu Goukoukon x3

For a Hiten Mitsurugi heavy deck (that’s Kenshin based for you), since the style itself has 5 moves, getting the entire play set in will make look like this:

U-001 Himura Kenshin x1
U-002 Himura Kenshin x2
U-007 Hiku Seijuro x3

C-001 Ryukansen-Tsumuji x3
C-002 Ryushosen x3
C-003 Hiryusen x3
C-004 Kuzuryusen x3
C-005 Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki x3

Of course, there’s room for support. So let’s call in Kaoru and Yahiko:

Big guy, he’s actually really awesome.

U-003 Kamiya Kaoru x2
U-004 Myoujin Yahiko x3

C-011 Miyomimane-Ryutsuisen x3

With 2 characters that fit well with this deck:

CH-001 Takani Megumi x2
CH-002 Arai Seiku x2

But that’s just the beginning. If you still wish to keep your Hiten Mitsurugi base,  the support and character slot can easily change, though you might want to keep Kaoru there for healing.

Some good changes:

Featuring Saitou (take out Yahiko and his move):

U-006 Saitou Hajime x3

C-008 Gatotsu Ishiki x2
C-009 Gatotsu Zeroshiki x1

Featuring Sanosuke:

U-005 Sagara Sanosuke x2

C-006 Futae no Kiwami x2
C-007 Sanjuu no Kiwami x2

By changing the Hiten Mitsurugi base, you can easily convert it to be Saitou and Sanosuke heavy with Kenshin as support, probably a good idea to leave out Master Hiku because of the Ace limitation.


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