Gaming decks Inventory end of 2012

Lol, inspired by LSensei, I took a look at my deck inventory and yes, i have just as much physical decks (with sleeves, unlike somebody). I’m gonna cut and paste his post and change my stuff.

Here’s what I have starting off in 2013:
Weiss Schwarz: 10 decks
Macross Ranka with Vajra Army
Evangelion Asuka No Nonsense
Fairy Tail Natsu/Erza Beatdown
Fairy Tail Ice Gray
Macross TD
Disgaea TD (English)
Guilty Crown TD
Fate Zero TD (Eng)
Robotic Notes TD
Sword Art Online TD

Legend of the 5 Rings: 4 decks
Henshin Blitz Military (not affected by the ban list)
Shugenja Spell Midgame (a bit slower than i would like)
Ronin for Dummies (for casual games… simple deck)
Shiro Shiba Duelling (Not working as expected, will dismantle this deck soon)

Magic the Gathering: 5 decks
Mono Black Control (B-Standard)
Azorius Esper Spirit (UW-Standard)
Cheap Burns (R-Modern)
Thrun the Last Trollol – (G-EDH)
Soldiers for Hire (W-Pauper)

Crusade: 1 decks
Full Metal Alchemist (A bit of junk, still missing many cards)

Netrunner: 0 decks
In progress building is Jintaki / Chaos

A Game of Thrones: 2 decks
Baratheon Power Rush
Baratheon Asshai Blitz

Total deck count: 22

That’s quite a lot of deck that’s sleeved… Of course, this doesn’t take into account of non-sleeved deck and random decks that’s passed its legality. I remembered digging up a full psychic deck for Pokemon awhile back… still intact in sleeves….. (shudder)


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