The Nega-dueling Deck

Remember Nega-Scott from Scott Pilgrim? Well, same thing with this deck. Kinda. It’s a deck where Killing Intent won’t matter and negating the effects of a duel will likely not happen at times.

Nega Scott

The Aerie

Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvester xp

Doji Mitsuru x3
Kakita Kazan x3
Doji Shigenobu x3
Doji Yoshitada x3
Asahina Keigo x3
Kakita Saki x3
Doji Makoto
Doji Hakuseki xp
Kakita Tadanobu xp
Chikara xp2
Kuronada xp2

Jurojin’s Blessing
Alter History
Benefices of the Emperor
Wisdom Gained

The Second City

Tranquil Garden x2
Marketplace x3
Prosperous Village x3
Small Farm x3
Traveling Peddler x1

Reckless Duel x3
Duel of Haiku x3
Awed Witness x2(should really be Duel to First Blood)
Cycle the Vengeance x3
Shadow Tactics x3
Focus x3
Heart of Darkness x3
String of Victories x3
The Courtesy of the Crane x3
Creating Order

Shamsir x3
A Simple Yari x3
Patchwork Armor x2

Ring of Fire
Ring of Water
Ring of Air
Ring of the Void
Ring of Earth

The actual deck that I play is not exactly this one, but it’s more or less the same. The thing to remember is to always check what you focus. You don’t really win every duel, but you don’t really want to lose every duel either.  Control your focusing and don’t be afraid to call strike early. In case you screw up, there are a bunch of cards that’ll let you get back on your feet, don’t worry about it.


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