Fans, Masks and “I Understand…”

Courtier Zen! (well, as close to an enlightenment deck as I would like)

Plus it’s a non-rare deck with starter fixed cards, so anyone can build it.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not responsible for the headaches that it might cause playing this deck. It’s weird and it’s not guaranteed to work.

Kyuden Otomo xp
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvester

Doji Yuka x2
Doji Tatsuki x2
Doji Shunya x2
Doji Dainagon x2
Otomo Demiyah x2
Asahina Korimi x2
Asahina Yasutora x3
Asahina Keigo x3
Daidoji Masafuni x2
Daidoji Tametaka x2
Doji Makoto x1

Wisdom of the Keepers
Delayed Arrival x3

Refuge of the Three Sisters

Marketplace x3
Tranquil Garden x2
Public Records x2
Temple Fortress x2
Prosperous Village x2

Doji’s Guidance xp

Remember Your Ancestors x3
Scandalous Rumors x2
Power of a Word x2
Rocky Terrain x2
Block Supply Lines x2
Revenge x1
Rhetoric x1
Heavily Engaged x1
Unimpeachable Name x1
Broken Cipher x1

Walking the Way x1
Inescapable Snare x2
The Swell of Strength x2
Obscured Pathways x2

Bonds of Coin x2
The Courtesy of the Crane x3
String of Victories x3
Face of Ninube x2
Tell the Tale x2

Ring of Fire
Ring of Water
Ring of Earth
Ring of Air
Ring of the Void

But it’s so random! How do you play this sort of thing??? The answer is I don’t have a clue. Theoretically it should hold out a bit before it caves in on itself. Don’t be afraid to cycle away your cards for more options. The deck can take a few punches, but it’ll be your draws that’ll be carrying you forwards to fish for that ring. Go for honour, don’t be afraid of discarding your ring for stuff (especially Ring of Fire).

Seriously, this deck is so random that it’s not for the faint-hearted.


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