My first time playing enlightenment

…it was a big headache. Your every action counts and is more significant as well as insignificant AT THE SAME TIME! How can that be possible? I have no idea. But getting the right cards in your hand is challenging. But when you managed to pull it off, it’s as rewarding as hell. In a nutshell, here’s what I think about enlightenment:
You need card draw.

You need to fish out those 5 rings.

You need to pull off as much as you can in one go.
Cards that are staple?

Introspection, String of Victories.

Cards that are necessary support?

Card draw of any kind, additional actions, card retrievers from the discard pile.

So there you have it, enlightenment in a nutshell. My own Crane dueling sub-courtier enlightenment deck looks like a monster right now. But what I can tell you is this: Playsets of dueling cards is definitely not advisable. I’m going to tweak my deck a bit more before I post it here. It’s…. crazy



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