Going in early into the Orzhov Guildgate

Now granted, Gatecrasher is just around the corner. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you need some stuff from the current set to make the next 5 guilds to shine. I have with me a deck that won’t break your bank that you can whet your appetite for Orzhov (got that as my guild test result, so yeah). It’s kinda blitzy though, with almost equal distribution of black and white.


Azorius Arrester x4
Fencing Ace x4
Daggerdome Imp x4
Thrillkill Assassin x4

Soul Tithe x4
Ethereal Armor x4
Sphere of Safety x2
Deviant Glee x4
Stab Wound x4

Swift Justice x3
Ultimate Price x3

Plains x10
Swamp x10

Very cheap, very blitzy. You can Soul Tithe your own dudes if you’re desperate to feed Ethereal Armor because they’re so cheap anyway. The key here is obviously to get the Fencing Ace in to wreck face, but really, an armour clad lifelink imp can work wonders too.

A lot of the debt flavour of the Orzhov seeps through via Soul Tithe, Sphere of Safety and to an extent, even Stab Wound. And really, why wouldn’t the Orzhov have some of the Azorius police and thrillseeking Rakdos under their pockets as well to do their dirty jobs for them right?


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