Goodbye Motherland. Hello Landlubber Pirate Cultist Exploiter!

This is pretty much an off the wall list that I’m planning to try out with mercs. Khador has gotten kinda jaded on me and mercs seems to be THE force if I want to experiment with wacky personal colour schemes, so I picked the most inconspicuous caster ever: Fiona.

Why? I have no idea. Definitely wasn’t the rules but I really dig the model, so I guess that was a good enough reason to run her. After picking her up and a heavy warjack box, I started doodling a list based on what she can do:

– She gains + 1 foc for a nearby sea dog unit.
– Gives awesome ranged boon to a unit/model.
– Makes anything into an arc node.

I’m interested in the latter 2 abilities. Maybe down the road I’ll get a Pressganger unit for more awesome painting. So for my first 15, since the Khadoran assassin wenches can work for the Four Star Syndicate, we’ll be drafting Fiona under that contract.

Fiona the Black
Kayazy Eliminators (as arc node)

The ladies make great arc node targets simply because they’re fast and pretty much hard to shoot at. But what about my shooting needs?


Granted the Mule would be a better jack if I wanted it to stand back and just lob steam powered shells, but in case I need a beatstick diversion, Chaging over to Rover doesn’t seem like a bad deal. That’s 5 points so far. We need another cool target for Nonokrion.

Cylena Raeffyll and her Awesome Nyss Hunters (full)

That kinda sums it up. Good target for Nonokrion Brand and they’re versatile at long and close range. Cylena would no doubt be the prime target here but Roth’s Mercy should get some use.

Now all that’s left is to try this out. You can go a bit wild with 25 points by employing a couple of Talons and Dirty Meg to run them (or one of them for Blythe and Bull).

Disclaimer: Yes, I realised I could’ve used better models which has more synergy in them, but this list is a bit more fun to paint and play in my opinion. Another tickle would be to include Croe’s Cutthroats in there somewhere down the line.


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