Second posted MTG deck? OMG

I think it is. Yesss… I took a bite from Return to Ravnica in the form of commons and uncommons and found something really cool.

The mill deck.

Let’s not kid ourselves here, it’s not going to be top tier. BUT the concept of self-milling for huge mill amounts down the road is definitely something that tickled my brain for a bit.

The key card, is Phychic Spiral. So to make it work like a charm I need two things:

1) A lot of cards in my graveyard.

2) The card in hand.

And something that speeds things up would be cool too. Here’s my initial list, it’s still in alpha stage mind you, but it should tickle some brain cells in fleshing it out:

Psychic Spiral x4

Dispel x2

Cancel x2

Inspiration x2

Thoughflare x4

Chronic Flooding x4

Izzet Charm x4

Mr. Izzet himself x1

Goblin Electromancer x1

Doorkeeper x4

Lobber Crew x4

Hover Barrier x4

Izzet Guildgate x4

Mountain x10

Island x10

It’s a pretty straight forward deck. Get those Psychic Spiral in your hand while making sure you discard along the way. Oh, and use Chronic Flooding creatively 😉


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