Dinobots Smash!

I’ve been mainly occupied with other non-CCG related stuff. I was focused on leveling my Wizard to level 60 on Diablo 3 and I also got addicted to playing Faster than Light, which is damn addictive so I suggest you guys check it out at http://www.ftlgame.com

But I did have some gaming time, while I would like to go in details… lots of things to talk about, I go with this for now. I have played Smash Up by AEG.

Smash UP factions

I love it.

The game is damn simple. You have 8 faction, Pirates, Aliens, Robots, Trickster, Wizard, Ninja, Dinosaurs and Zombies.

The premise of the game, is to take 2 faction and mix the deck together. Each faction have 20 card deck, so mixing two together gives you a 40 card deck.

Base game, you can have a total of 4 players, since 8 faction divide by 2 per player is max 4. But the game is designed for more players by adding another core set or expansion down the line.

After you shuffle your 40-card deck, you put bases into play according to the number of players + 1. So a 3-player game, 4 bases in total.

Play is simple, each turn, the active player plays an action or a minion to a base in play or both play a minion and an action. Special triggers are like reaction/instant, you fulfill the requirement, then you can play them. After that, you check for base scoring.

20 breakthrough, 5 VP for 1st, 3 VP for 2nd, 2 VP for 3rd, and 4th, tough luck.

Your objective is to score bases. Each bases have a breakthrough number in the upper left hand corner. Once the total of minions power at the base reaches the bases breakthrough number, the base is scored. 1st to 3rd player gets victory points while the 4th, tough luck, try again next time.

After a check for base scoring, your turn is done and you draw two cards. Maximum hand size is 10.

Once a player reaches 15 victory points, you win the game.

Game is fairly simple and is quite vicious. Sabotage and cutthroat play is necessary, making the game a pleasure to play as you see who can come on top.

I’m looking forward to what faction they will bring in the next expansion.

Till then, SMASH UP!

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