Wishlist to 2013

We’re approaching the 4th quarter of 2012. It’s been a weird year of gaming. With Spartan Games introducing a more intimate level of warfare via Dystopian Legions, L5R being a bigger arms race than Celestial Edition ever was and a whole lot of Kickstarter games that are actually really good.

So here are my wishlist going to 2013 (or at least through the 4th quarter). In no particular order:

1. Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures – The more I read about this game, the more I want it. I also realised that with each player owning a starter set and a couple of expansions, you can have a 100 point tourney list down easy. But if you’re the one who brings games to the whole group and everyone is just a casual player, expect to spend double the amount. Gameplay looks interesting so far, with the rave reviews and pretty pictures, it’s going to be hard to keep saying no to this game.

2. Star Wars: The Card Game (LCG) – Fast deck building, good mechanics (from my point of view). The only bad thing about the game was Corey’s Konieczka’s expanation during the demo vids in GenCon. It made it a bit bland. I think having 1 core set is plenty for this game, 2 would be the full complete set since you can only have up to 2 similar pods in a deck (and even then, not all pods allow duplicating).

3. Android: Netrunner (LCD) – A classic game that I missed out on playing when I was a kid because “it looked stupid”. Go me. The distribution of the cards within the core set makes me pause though. I don’t want a Game of Thrones experience all over again. Perhaps 2 core sets is enough to make it a pick up and play game with me per-building the decks but it’ll get old really fast.

4. Story Realms – An rpg with a box. The preview rules and adventure that they put out looks good, though it’s tailored for a younger audience. But no reason why it can’t be made to fit a more adult audience. Am trying out an adventure one of these days to see if it really is intuitive and easy. If it is, it may be worth investing in it.

5. Heavy Gear – A new game I stumbled into. The minis are expensive for the price per gram of pewter (or resin) that you get, but game term wise the pricing is fair. 150 for a squad is not unheard of in most games nowadays. But what really caught me was the amount of customization that you can do to your squads and the game mechanics.

6. Dystopian Wars (French) – Surface skimmer army! Flying bloated ships! Nuff said.

7. Magic: The Gathering (Ravnica) – If only for the common/uncommon play set and a few handpicked rares to play Noble/Pauper/Peasant. My Type 2 rare hunting days are long gone, but hopefully building a fun deck can give them a run for their money.

8. L5R – Again, going cheap with commons and uncommons with a few handpicked rares. The death of dueling has impacted me more than a bit, but I’m not going to give up on it. Even if Crane sucks the most in dueling (which is nearly coming true, even Crab is looking better at this point).

I guess I should top up 2 more games to make my top 10 but I think I’ll stop here. Honestly, only items 1-3 are my targets while the rest happen to just float in. I’m pretty sure there are cheap ways to play a miniatures game but I’ve yet to find it. Maybe when I have, I’ll share it here.



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